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Donna's Story

of Christmas


Donna and her family placed a special value on Christmas as Donnas parents and 3 siblings knew the end of another year meant one more year they had to spend with their miracle girl.

Get to know the
behind Donna's Christmas Trees 

Miracle Girl

Donnas was born in 1964 with a rare heart condition causing her blood to flow backwards through her heart.

When Donna was born, her condition had a survival rate of 0% and at the time babies did not live past  6 months of age. Donna's medical journey started at 2 months old and would incur 3 open heart surgeries and 10 other operations during her life.

Today, partly because of Donnas participation in experimental surgeries- Babies born with this condition carry a 98% survival rate.

Learn more about Transposition of the Great Arteries through Boston Children's hospital

Television interviews with Donna in 1983 as she prepares for potential heart and lung transplant.

In her own


Donna In the


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While Donna is no longer with us -her legacy lives on through Donnas Christmas Trees

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