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Updated: May 7, 2019

We are founded of the belief that every Christmas tree deserves a home and at Christmas every home deserves a Christmas tree.

Donna Marie Trhlin was born September 12, 1964 at St. Alexis Hospital after her birth it was discovered that she had a rare heart condition known as “transposition of the great vessels”. Her arteries were reversed which was allowing the blood flow to mix up in the holes of her chambers. Two months later she was admitted to Rainbow, Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland Ohio for surgery. At two months old she under went a procedure called “shunt” which was to allow her blood to be rerouted into her heart chamber in order to immediately bring oxygen to her heart. During her recovery Donna was kept in a glass incubator with a picture of St. Jude that her father taped to watch over her. St. Jude the patron saint of some hopeless and desperate cases watched over Donna day and night and allowed her to be sent home. In the months that followed during a routine checkup it was found that her oxygen levels had fallen from 98% to 48% and needed to be corrected immediately as a blood clot was likely and would be fatal. So within being alive for 6 months Donna was again on the operating table for another procedure where they would be routing her opposite lung to the opposite chamber to allow proper blood flow.

Please continue to follow us as we continue to tell Donna's story.

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  • Rob Trhlin

Explanation of Donna's current condition and how the hope for continued research for heart disease would help find a cure and eventually put Donna on a road to a healthier life.

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  • Rob Trhlin

As my father did so often, he wrote about Donna's experiences both in and out of the hospital. The below article was published in 1982. However, it was written about the Christmas of 1978 where 3 months earlier Donna underwent her most difficult surgery of her life. Please enjoy the beautiful memory and the time he spent with his daughter.

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