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Because of overwhelming generosity and support

 we are currently at capacity for our warehouse! 
A v
ery special thank you to Krazy Bins in Mentor Ohio for topping us off! 

Please stay tuned and join us in July for our summer fundraising events! 

-The Team at Donna's Christmas Trees


Donate your décor Or financial gift

We are currently at capacity

 for trees and décor 


Because of the generosity and kindness of our supporters, our warehouse is currently full.

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Please consider a financial gift to help us spread Christmas cheer outside of our Warehouse capacity.

All received donations go directly to impact those we support. 

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Let us know who needs help  

Know someone who is in need of Christmas cheer or struggling this holiday season? 

Tell Us About:

Other Non Profit Groups & Homes

Schools & Education centers



Anyone else you know in need



We can provide trees, decorations and ornaments,

Eventually we would like to do even more as our donations grow.

  Fill out our nomination form

and let us know how we can help


Give the Gift of Time

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” Nelson Mandela

We are currently cultivating our volunteer program and will have more opportunities as we continue to grow.

Fill out our volunteer contact form so we can get in touch when opportunities arise.

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