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How We Give Back

Since our inception in 2019, we have helped over 750 families celebrate Christmas by working together as a community to collect donations.  We then find those donations new homes to provide renewed Christmas Magic for deserving families.

During the pandemic, we worked with the Metzenbaum Foundation and donated to over 150 first responders thanking them for all their hard work and support through the pandemic.

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In the following years we have hosted numerous events in the community, while also privately supporting individuals and families in need.

Through the generosity and support of all of our volunteers & donors we are able to provide renewed Christmas magic to more and more families every year. 



"The love and support Donna's Christmas Trees generously distributes through their holiday program to our survivor families is a testament to the joyful, caring Christmas spirit of Rob and his team of magic makers. All of the survivors who participate in the event express deep gratitude for how the team sought to help them build happy holiday memories, free from abuse. Thank You."

Executive Director- Forbes House

We at Humble Design Cleveland are so grateful for our partnership with Donna's Christmas Trees. This amazing organization has helped us in two ways. When we have excess Christmas decorations, they have taken them and rehomed them; keeping them out of the landfill and giving them a new life. In addition, they have generously donated trees for our families when they move into their new homes. Creating a warm, personalized decorated home is what we do. The wonderful people of Donna's Christmas Trees do the same thing for Christmas. Keep up the great work!  

Operations Manager | Humble Design Cleveland

Donna's Christmas Trees restored the magic of Christmas for me and my children. Having the opportunity to pick out our own tree and decorations was a healing experience for my family and my heart. The volunteers who helped make it happen have no idea what a difference it made to create new, happy holiday memories for us and that is a gift we will forever cherish

Forbes House

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